Weekly Prayer List

Please email us your prayer intentions at copenitents@yahoo.com and we will add them to next week's prayer list. If this is an urgent request for someone in danger of immediate death, please contact the Confraternity of Penitents directly at copenitents@yahoo.com and write URGENT PRAYER REQUEST in the subject line.


(Note: If you would like to receive via email urgent prayer requests for people in danger of death, please email us at copenitents@yahoo.com and put “Please sign me up to Urgent Prayer Request Mailing List” in the subject line. May God reward you for your prayers.)

This week's prayer list appears below the submit form. Please pray for the intentions thereon. And may God reward you.


Please mail intentions (in English, please. May God bless you! And thanks!

Confraternity of Penitents Prayer List  5.6.21


(Note: To receive via email urgent prayer requests for people in danger of death, please email copenitents@yahoo.com and put “Please sign me up to Urgent Prayer Request Mailing List” in the subject line. May God reward you.)


Pope’s Monthly Intention: Let us pray that that those responsible for finance will collaborate with governments to regulate financial markets and protect citizens from its dangers.”


On-going Intentions:

  • The Pope also asks us to spend five minutes in prayer for those in power.

  • Prayer for America one Minute Every Night If you would like to participate, every evening at 9:00PM EST (6:00 Pacific), stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for peace in the world, for religious freedom, end to cancel culture, end to bullying.

  • Special prayers are requested for God’s abundant blessings on the Archdiocese for Military Services, for our troops, for all the families left behind, for our President, for all heads of state and government officials in those countries involved in war.

  • Please pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis, for his health and protection.

  • Please pray for the Church and for peace in the world.

  • Please pray for priests undergoing religious attack, and for vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and the Confraternity of Penitents.

  • Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of refugees trying desperately to find a place to live in peace.

  • Please pray to end terrorism, genocide, war, abuse, neglect, hatred, human trafficking.

  • Please pray for all to have their hearts open to Jesus and for a return to Christian values and morals

  • For the conversion to belief in unalienable right to life of all human beings for those in any way involved in abortion, we pray to the Lord.

  • For National Day of Prayer weekly intentions for US Government and officials.

  • For all those referred to the Confraternity of Penitents through the Vocation Placement Referral program, that God may lead them into the path on which He wishes them to walk.

  • For the prayer requests of the Holy Innocents Prayer Line.

  • For all those on the Precious Blood, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Shalom Media, and Margo Snyder's Prayer Lists.

  • Please pray for Charles Opara who needs a better job. His family is in need. Thank you for your prayers.

  • For the raising of $180,000 to renovate Guadalupe Men’s Vocation Discernment House. Please pray that God will bring these funds in, if He so wills. God bless you for your prayers and thanks be to God for funds raised so far.

  • For John Caywood, to know that God loves him and for him to love himself and to let himself be vulnerable.

  • For protection for Isabel Leal and Losang.

  • For Bob Floyd and crew making a documentary film on Fr. Chad Rippenger, exorcist, for protection, grace.


Current Intentions

  • For Tommy, Tom, Paul, Nilo, Sean, and Matt-being ordained to priesthood May 22.

  • For Paulo, Augustin, Logan, Michael, Daniel, Benjamin, and Keaton being ordained to priesthood June 5.

  • For David and Rachel Gregory. 69th wedding anniversary coming up. David fell and needs surgery but doctors don’t want to operate due to his age.  He can’t walk and Rachel is forgetful and thinks he’s out in the street somewhere and worries about him.

  • Repose of the soul of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s father.

  • Repose of the soul of Prince Charles of England.

  • Continued prayers for Dan K, ill but home from the hospital and improving.

  • Please pray for the repose of Joyce's soul.

  • Nancy Rodrigue -recovery from open heart surgery.

  • Carolyn Kennings, who recently died and for her family.

  • For Margaret Ellis, 14 years old miraculously cured from cancer for 3 years through Fr. Solanus Casey

  • For Charlie, 12 year old boy, close to death. Doctors want to harvest his organs. Parents praying to Fr. Solanus Casey for a miracle of healing.

  • Repose of the soul of Fr. Prosen and soul of Robert Atbert and for their families..

  • For Timothy Cooper, denied early parole at last minute. Very disappointing. Trusting God here.

  • Please pray for Vince who is battling cancer.

  • Margaret Murphy for recovery from chronic bronchitis.

  • Kristin’s mother’s ankle healing, Ben’s father’s knee healing.

  • For Steve Piro and Dustin Niblock.

  • Please pray for the repose of Charles Anthony Lipscomb, husband and father, who died marked with the sign of faith.  

  • For Khadijah Harden; pray for her salvation. Pray that she'll accept and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • For Danny and Nawal, and daughter Mary

  • Bobby—pinched nerve in his neck

  • For Students for Life on their Planned Parenthood Truth Tour—for safety and integrity of their displays.

  • For John Marchese, continued pain after surgery—that this be healed.

  • For my health and my babies health, currently 11 weeks pregnant after losing 2 babies to miscarriage last year and being diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder.

  • For Clara Lengacher, very ill from cancer. Not given long to live.

  • For Fr. Robert Sanchez, requested prayers.

  • For the repose of the soul of Jaslyn Adams and for the man who shot and killed this 7 year old child.

  • For Fr. Mathias Thelan, critical condition with blood clot in lung. Only about 40 years old.

  • Michelle, pregnant. High blood pressure. Rushed to hospital.

  • John Mushock  Covd19 SYMPTOMS Rushed hospital delusions Hallucinations And dizzy. HE COULD NOT GET OUT OF BED ..FATTY LIVER COPD ASTHMA

  • Please pray for the sake of Lord Jesus for my parents Nedime and Mehmet Rende and their children for God's will. And for me Mufide Mary and all my dear ones. God Bless. 

  • Please pray for Tom Marzec, who had his 14th back surgery on 4/26/21.

  • Samantha has a doctor visit about surgery and she is scared.

  • Roger Kaminski was admitted to the hospital on 4/24/21

  • Ryan, 30, tried to commit suicide and the family is worried he will try again.  His wife of 12 yrs., told him she would like another sex partner and this has him depressed.

  • Fr Joseph Doyle's healing from pancreatic cancer

  • For prisons to open up (they are locked down due to Covid 19) so that the prisoners can have visitors and receive the sacrament.

  • Bishop Andre Levai Prayer needed—critically ill.

  •  Cindy Parran--fell – stroke suspected. Doing tests. Lost her husband around Easter

  • Tim Noone—critically ill. Testing for TB or cancer.

  • Father Kris (von Maluski) possible throat cancer.

  • Judy -- fell and broke her wrist and had some other injuries.  Pray for quick healing, no serious side effects.

  • For Rhea and Adrien Schottner and thier family—taking in many children, grandchildren, relatives who have nowhere else to go. Many of these people have serious health issues. Please pray for all!

  • Father Chris B, throat cancer

  • Father Frank Pavone, heart issues.

  • David Gregory, in nursing home after surgery. Wants to go home.

  • Rachael Gregory, sick.

  • Timothy Cooper, depressed. Please pray he not lose faith in God.


  • For Baby Joseph hospitalized with vomiting and diarrhea. Possible viral infection. Also pray for his poor parents.


“Whatever you do for your family, your children, your husband, your wife, you do for God. All we do, our prayers, our work, our suffering, is for Jesus.” – St. Teresa of Calcutta